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  • The news that you or a loved one is suffering from cancer is devastating, hard to deal with and shocking.
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A Review of Birth Control Pills

There are different types of birth control pills in the market. They are also known as oral contraceptives. Females who are sexually active are advised to use birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. They have scientifically been proven to be effective in controlling birth. This article is going to help you in understanding their side effects and how these pills work. The main types of oral contraceptives include the following:

Combination Pills

These pills contain human-made (artificial) forms of progestin and estrogen hormones. Most of the active pills used in birth control are contain hormones. They are taken during the entire pecombination pillsriod of the birth control cycle. The inactive ones don’t contain hormones, and they are taken at the end of the birth control cycle. The following are the main types of these pills:
Extended–cycle pills-They have a 13-week cycle. These pills are taken for 12 weeks. Inactive pills are taken on the last seven days of the cycle. Women can have their periods after taking the inactive pills. This means that they receive their period for about three times annually.
Monophasic pills– these pills have a 4-weeks cycle. Inactive pills are taken at the fourth week of the cycle. Women can have their period after the fourth week.
Multiphasic pills-These contraceptives have a four-week cycle. Women take the inactive pills at the fourth week to have their period. Examples of combination pills include:s

  • Levora
  • Beyaz
  • Azurette
  • Ortho-Novum
  • Enpresse
  • Yaz
  • Seasonique
  • Yasmin

Progestin-Only Pills

These drugs only contain progestin hormone- have no oestrogen. They are also known as mini-pills. They are perfect for those women who don’t take oestrogen for various reasons. All the pills taken during the entire cycle are active. This means that a woman can either have or lack period when using these pills. They include the following:

  • Nor-QD
  • Jencycla
  • Heather
  • Camila
  • Errin
    Ortho Micronor

Factors to Consider When Selecting Oral Contraceptive

These pills work differently in different people. Some of them are not good for some women. It is therefore advisable to consult a doctor to know the best option for you. Some of the guiding factors that you need to consider include:

  • Other forms of medications that you might be taking
  • Your cardiovascular health
  • Your menstrual symptoms
  • Your current health condition
  • Are you breastfeeding?

Other Benefits of Birth Control Pills

Apart from preventing birth, these pills can be taken to protect women against:acne

  • Severe menstrual cramps
  • Anemia
  • Thinning bones
  • Acne
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Non-cancerous breast growths
  • Ovarian and endometrial cancer
  • Heavy periods

Risk Side Effects Associated With Oral Contraceptives

These drugs are safe for use, but they come with specific side effects. Some of the common side effects include:

  • Breast tenderness
  • Nausea
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Bleeding between periods

Six Benefits Of Taking Raspberry Ketone Supplements

Raspberry ketone supplements continue to stun many people with their amazing health benefits. Comprehensive research shows that they contain a natural compound that can help the body shed off unwanted fats. And that is not all. The research reveals that it has a number include:

Promoting weight loss

Raspberry ketone supplements contain a natural compound that helps the body to torch stored fats. Researchers have revealed that taking raspberry ketone supplements will help you get sufficient amounts of the compound to enhance the fat burning process. The element functions by increasing a particular fat burning protein in the body that extends the efficiency of metabolic processes. Increasing the levels of this protein in your body will significantly lower your body’s fat content thus helping you to slim down.


Normalizing cholesterol levels

Next, raspberry ketone supplements will help in normalizing your body’s cholesterol and hypertension. Since they can contribute to reducing body fats, they will have positive results for your system. When taking them, you will be normalizing your cholesterol and blood pressure levels without interfering with other core functions of the body. Besides, this can be possible without the production of natural body heat.

Preventing cancer

Cancer is a life threatening illness that is currently taking more lives than even HIV and other dangerous diseases. Raspberry ketone supplements have been shown to work effectively in preventing different types of cancer. Studies have revealed that the supplements are rich in phytochemicals and ellagic acid to be specific. Ellagic acid has anti cancer properties which might help in safe guarding your skin, colon, esophagus, liver and other vital organs from damage.

Protecting body cells

Raspberry ketones contain antioxidants that help in protecting your body cells from damage. They are essential in our daily lives and specifically when we are prone to the harmful effects of free radicals. Free radicals are virtually everywhere, and that is the primary reason we should consider safeguarding our cells through taking raspberry ketone supplements. They are responsible for speeding up aging and may make you look sick while you are not.

Alleviating inflammation

Raspberry ketone supplements will help you relieve inflammation. It does this by lowering the levels of special vital enzymes in the body. They are responsible for the pain during bouts of gout and arthritis. Its anti inflammatory properties are similar to that of aspirin or other NSAID’s that will help you prevent muscle pain.

Increasing omega 3

hgdhgdd64Supplements made from red raspberry ketones can help raise the levels of omega 3 in your system. They will help your metabolism to release omega three essential fatty acids that are responsible for preventing skin illnesses and boosting the levels of human growth hormones. Besides, they play a vital role when it comes to improving brain functions.

The benefits that are provided by raspberry ketone supplements are numerous. Those that have been highlighted in this post are just the major ones. This means that many other benefits could not fit in this post. If you are looking to experience the benefits, be sure to use raspberry ketone supplements.

How To Deal With Cancer

The news that you or a loved one is suffering from cancer is devastating, hard to deal with and shocking. The news are difficult to deal with irrespective of the type, stage, treatable, terminal, first time, in or out of remission type of cancer. But there is still hope. With the right attitude, I am glad to say that the cancer patient can view their life in a different perspective and the deadly diseases sends some positive information to the people around. Once you are diagnosed with cancer, you must understand that it is not an easy disease, you must be ready to fight and battle with the condition. This calls for a strategic plan. Such a plan helps you through the ups and downs and enables you to come out with less negative effects and scars. This article will give you tips on how to plan

How to deal with cancer

Stick to your beliefs and lifestyle

For instance, if you have not been a religious person, do not fall to the lures of friends and relatives who want you to get saved. They will use the terms “give your life to Christ.” It is okay to believe in something but do not live a lie. Some cultures and communities worship humans as divine. A good example is the Hinduism; they will ask you to believe in a guru or swami or what they term as a miracle worker. Do not believe in the acts, however the good aim.

Get more involved in volunteer work and charity acts

There is a great feeling that comes with giving. Increase that feeling by being more involved in helping people either physically or financially.

Remain to be you

Do not change to another person. To come out successful maintain a positive attitude and behavior. Do away with any negative thoughts. For example, be able to control your anger, listen more, and avoid bad behaviors like gambling, over speeding and smoking.
Form new relationships, friendships and keep the existing ones stronger and deep. Try to get in touch with people you have been wanted to associate with.

Be in control of your professional, legal and financial records

Prepare for the contingency in case you are not around, and your loved ones have to be taken care of. Such preparations include preparing a will, selecting trustees and ensuring that all your important documents are reviewed by legal and financial professionals.

Buying Medicines Online


Many people are buying items such as books, clothes and shoes from the internet. The web has made shopping easy and hustles free. You can buy all want from the comfort of your room and a few clicks. We love it because it is easy, but if you decide to buy sensitive items like medicines online, you need to be more careful. Many online medicine stores do not care about the health of the buyer and will sell unauthorized and dangerous medicine. This article will help you understand how to safely by medicine from online stores.

Factors to consider when buying medicine online

Unreliable pharmacy sites

Untrustworthy online sites do not have an operation license or do not deal with medicines. If you land a website where they need you to pay a consultation fee, the medication they offer might not be genuine. You will end up buying medicines that worsen the condition. Other websites will be offering unsafe chemicals and fake pills. It will be so unfortunate if you land expired drugs which are not authorized by FDA. Avoid websites that offer their medicine at very low prices as well.

Physician’s appointment relevance

It is wrong to buy drugs over the counter without the prescription from your doctor. The same case applies to online stores; you must never buy medication online if you did not get the prescription from the doctor. Only buy medications recommended by a physician. If you have a legit health practitioner as your doctor, their prescription is always right. It is them who should give the dosage and time frame to follow.

What to look for

It is advisable to buy medicine from websites that ask for the doctor’s prescription note. This shows one thing, the company is not only interested in making money but has the interest of the patient at heart. They are out to offer safe medication. They must as well state that that they have a qualified pharmacist in case of confirmations or questions. Ask for their address and check if they operate from the country you are in and if they are licensed to operate a pharmacy. Your details and personal details and must be safe with them as well. Before giving out your medical history, social security and Credit card number, go through security terms and privacy terms.

assistenza domiciliare gratuita malati inguaribili terminali cure palliative

Sei importante perché sei tu, e lo sarai fino all’ultimo momento della tua vita”,
Dame Cicely Saunders, Fondatrice St Christopher’s Hospice, London, UK –

La Betulla onlus – Via Carlo Santarelli 60 – 00133 Roma
telefono +39 06 45494401 – fax +39 06 45494402
La Betulla, associazione Onlus (organizzazione non lucrativa di utilità sociale), opera a Roma e garantisce assistenza domiciliare gratuita ai malati inguaribili ed ai malati terminali.
La nostra assistenza domiciliare gratuita è rivolta a tutte le persone affette da malattie in fase avanzata ed irreversibile ad esempio malati pneumologici, malati cardiologici, malati neurologici, malati infettivi, malati oncologici ed inoltre per malati di alzheimer, malati di parkinson, malati di sclerosi multipla, malati di sclerosi laterale amiotrofica.
L’assistenza domiciliare gratuita da noi prestata è frutto dell’attività di un gruppo di lavoro di professionisti sanitari e volontari (èquipe multidisciplinare).
La nostra assistenza domiciliare gratuita, che interviene in un momento estremamente particolare per il malato ed i suoi affetti, è basata su un approccio globale dell’assistito e della sua famiglia secondo la filosofia delle Cure Palliative.
Dunque, in stretta collaborazione con il Medico di Medicina Generale (il Vs. Medico di Famiglia), i nostri operatori si dedicano al malato ed alla sua famiglia con Medici ed Infermieri Palliativisti , Assistenti Sociali, Psicologi, Volontari, Fisioterapisti ed Assistenti Spirituali, occupandosi ed interessandosi non solo degli aspetti sanitari evidenti, ma anche degli aspetti Emozionali, Psicologici, Sociali ed Assistenziali.
Le prestazioni da noi fornite sono totalmente gratuite per gli assistiti in quanto la nostra associazione vive ed esiste grazie alle donazioni ed alle raccolte fondi che i nostri Volontari praticano nel corso dell’anno.
Siamo inoltre a disposizione di tutti coloro i quali necessitano di aiuto o di orientamento con il nostro Centro di Ascolto.

Hai necessità di assistenza?
Vai alla pagina attività in questo sito, troverai tutte le indicazioni per contattarci e per ricevere assistenza domiciliare gratuita.

we care
greg & lillo
comicità differente, non indifferente
Greg & Lillo sostengono la Betulla onlus
5 per mille al volontariato aiutare la Betulla con la dichiarazione dei redditi 2006 non costa nulla informati qui

Le Cure Palliative
Le Cure Palliative intervengono con il passaggio dal “to cure” (curare) al “to care” (prendersi cura) per assicurare ai malati terminali la migliore qualità di vita identificando le necessità dei malati terminali.
In Italia le Cure Palliative sono relativamente giovani, ed in un primo momento si sono orientate sopratutto ai malati terminali oncologici.
Nei primi anni, coloro che ci hanno preceduto affrontarono non poche difficoltà a far accettare la pratica delle Cure Palliative nel nostro paese.
Oggi, fortunatamente, il percorso è tracciato, esiste, pur ancora da migliorare, una legislazione per i farmaci del dolore ed il numero di operatori è cresciuto.
cresciuta anche la professionalita degli operatori in Cure Palliative, grazie anche agli interventi della Federazione Italiana Cure Palliative e della Società Italiana di Cure Palliative.
In questo panorama la Betulla onlus ha scelto di operare in Cure Palliative nel modo più ampio possibile abbracciando con l’èquipe assistenziale tutti i malati inguaribili oltre i malati terminali intendendo per tali: malati cardiologici, malati oncologici, malati di alzheimer, malati di parkinson, malati di sclerosi multipla o laterale amiotrofica ed altre patologie croniche.
Cicely Saunders cure palliative, palliative care
Studi Inglesi ed Americani, infatti, basati sull’utilizzo dei servizi, stimano che il numero complessivo di pazienti non oncologici che beneficerebbe di interventi di Cure Palliative interessa 0,5 – 1 volte il numero di pazienti deceduti per tumore.
In pratica ogni 1.000 deceduti all’anno per tumore, possono stimarsi in 500 – 1.000 i nuovi pazienti non oncologici (e non AIDS) che potrebbero beneficiare di interventi di Cure Palliative.
Le stime 2005 valutano, solo per la regione Lazio, in ca. 10.000 casi all’anno la mortalità per tumore. Dunque una cifra più o meno simile rappresenta la numerosità di persone affette dalle altre patologie che potrebbero beneficiare di Cure Palliative.
Una ulteriore area di forte impatto e di notevole numerosità sono le famiglie degli assistiti, che per una serie di motivi sono prive di qualsivoglia supporto psicologico nell’affrontare queste situazioni.
Questo lo scenario che ci ha portato ad orientare le nostre attività non limitandone l’operatività ad una sola area di