Mental Health

Do you ever experience anxious and weird thoughts that are disturbing? If yes, you might be suffering panic attacks. The following physical disturbances are associated with panic attacks

  • Disturbing and inappropriate thoughts
  • Hot flushes and chills
  • Skin blotches and blushing
  • Change of skin color
  • Muscle pain in the shoulders and neck
  • Defecate and high urges to urinate
  • Pain in the chest
  • Excess sweating
  • Poor eyesight
  • Feeling dizzy

Other than the above physical symptoms one might experience the following physiological symptoms

  • Imagining the worst
  • Hallucinations
  • Aggressive thoughts
  • Anxious and weird thoughts that are out of control
  • Thinking of the worst scenarios

The above physical and physiological symptoms are experienced by an individual suffering panic attacks and makes them more vulnerable. The condition is curable, but it takes some time to fully overcome the condition. If the patient does not seek medical help, it could turn out to a disorder and with time turns into a chronic disease. If you ask patients, they will tell you that the panic attacks feels like a heart attack.

How to deal with panic attacks

To deal with panic attacks, you must, first of all, accept that you are suffering. Approach the condition with an open mind and try alternative treatments. You can go for holistic healing or natural treatments. Get out of the room you are in to the open and take a deep breath in the event of an attack. Fresh air helps one feel much better. If you are behind the wheel and an attack occurs, pull over and wait for the moment to pass. Do not get terrified.

You can search online for solutions to panic attacks. Here you will meet self-help programs, videos, and articles that will help you deal with the problem. Millions of people have found the information from such websites helpful; you can benefit as well. You can as well find information on the best doctors for your condition, hence getting the right treatment.

Join groups of people suffering the same condition like you. You can get a physical group or online forums. Here, a lot of information is shared, and you will get tips on how to deal with panic attacks from fellow patients. You will be able to make friends who can fully relate, such helps you to deal with the condition better. Do not pity yourself; there are millions of people worldwide suffering from the same condition as yours.

Join medical forums online where there are many people like you. Exchange views with them and you’re sure to find solutions and tips to deal with a panic attack. There are groups where you can become friends with other sufferers, and that will help you to deal with your condition. Remember you’re not the only one suffering from anxiety. There are millions of people worldwide who are like you.